proformanceOur Dyna-Form® Pro-Formance™ Fabric is the very latest, high durability fabric, designed in conjunction with healthcare professionals and polyurethane coating specialists Dartex Coatings. Launched following an extended research and trial period Dyna-Form® Pro-Formance™ is designed with primary pressure area care delivery, coupled with extensive longevity at the very forefront of the product.

The Dyna-Form® Pro-Formance™ Fabric uses an innovative textile combined with a higher modulus matt surface polyurethane coating. This unique combination reduces polyurethane swell when exposed to moisture, which in turn further reduces surface friction, aids patient transfer and reduces the likelihood of snagging or surface damage.

thumbnail of clinical-services-journalThe product comprises three layers of the highest quality polyurethane laminated to a robust, stretch engineered textile base.
Dyna-Form® Pro-Formance™ has undergone extensive evaluation in both laboratory and high turnover acute ward environments.

As wound management is at the height of our agenda, we have ensured crucial levels of moisture vapour permeability at the patient interface, whilst maintaining exceptional polyurethane abrasion performance.




Multi-layered polyurethane coating
using high modulus technology
Encourages greater longevity in all
healthcare environments
The latest Triclosan-free
Anti-fungal agents
Helps improve infection control
measures and extends product
BS 7177:2008 Crib 5 Composite
(with inner)
Adheres to the latest strict fire
retardancy standards
Robust polyamide base layer Optimised stretch characteristics
whilst minimising snagging
Improved weld strength technology Prevents fluid ingress at border/seam
Reduced friction matt surface Aids patient transfer
Dartex® Technology A trusted manufacturer with over 40
years experience in support surfaces
8 year warranty Improved product logevity and life costs