The Dyna-Form® Mercury Safety 7 mattress is a Crib 7 standard surface which is fully sealed and designed to withstand deliberate or accidental damage, making it suitable for use in environments where challenging behaviour may be an issue (e.g. secure units, bail hostels, psychiatric and mental health units). Dyna-Form® Mercury Safety 7 is designed for users considered to be at “High Risk” of pressure ulcer development, blending the finest quality Combustion Modified Ether foam (CME) to provide not only the best pressure re-distribution properties, but great patient comfort & product longevity. Dyna-Form® Mercury Safety 7 is treated to stringent Crib 7 fire standards for applications where fire damage is a real potential threat. The mattress also features a wipe-clean, non-removable cover with no zips, sharp edges or openings, minimising potential risks for patients and healthcare professionals.

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Product CodeMAT/MER/SAF/198/88/15
Risk CategoryHigh Risk
Weight Limit40 Stone / 254kg
Warranty8 Years Foam / 4 Years Cover
Dimensions(Length) 198cm x (Width) 88cm x (Height) 15cm. Variable sizes available on request.
Foam DensityBlue 38–40kg/m3 Nominal Hardness – 200 Newtons. Pink 38–40kg/m3 Nominal Hardness – 120 Newtons.
Fatigue ClassVery Severe
Fire RetardancyBS7177: Crib 7
Hypochlorite Solution compatible1,000 ppm diluted or 0.1% (or to be used in conjunction with local infection control guidelines)
Castellated Foam Core (with specialist tear duct cut)Optimum pressure redistribution and patient comfort
Finest quality CME foam base and side wallsPrevents patient bottoming out and aids patient transfer
Non-removable, fully sealed cover tested to Crib 7 standardMinimising risks to patients and staff in challenging care environments
High frequency, wipe clean, welded cover with no zips or sharp edgesDesigned for easy care and safety whilst preventing fluid ingress whilst aiding decontamination