Direct Healthcare Services evaluated the operational requirements needed to support the major process changes required to implement UDI successfully, and initiated the following:

  • Established a formal GS1/UDI Program involving key representatives from every Direct Healthcare Services function
  • Made significant investments in technology standardization between functions and business units
  • Aligned data definitions across manufacturing, quality and distribution functions to support the program requirements
  • Created a barcode standard and a GTIN allocation standard
  • Below, please see some frequently asked questions about how the project may impact providers.

Q. Will all products be switched over to GS1 at once?

No. All products manufactured after the UDI dates provided by the NHS will have GS1 barcodes; however, there will still be for example HIBC-labeled product in inventory. Per the Department of Health schedule, Direct Healthcare Services will have three years from each specific implementation deadline to deplete its inventory.

Q. Will Direct Healthcare Services implement GDSN?

Yes. Direct Healthcare Services is currently evaluating several GDSN data pools and plans to move forward with publishing product data to a GDSN. We will communicate the timelines for GDSN once they are established.

Q. When will Direct Healthcare Services begin using GLNs?

GLNs will be implemented in future phases of the project. Today, our priority remains GTIN implementation.

Q. Can products be ordered using GTINs?

Yes. Starting November 2015, you will have the ability to order many of Direct Healthcare Services’s products by GTIN. We will also maintain the option for you to order by catalog number.

Q. How will the packaging labels change?

You will see our labels transition from serial numbers to a concatenated GS1-128 linear barcode.

On a few packages where a concatenated GS1 barcode will not fit, you may see 2 GS1 barcodes carrying the same content. In addition, you may also see a 2D (or data matrix) barcode.

The GS1 barcode will be at both the unit of sale and, where applicable, a single unit, or the “each” level.

Q. What if my organization isn’t doing anything with GS1?

We will continue to use the catalog numbers in addition to GTINs, so you can order as you have been ordering. Nothing will change except that you will see GS1 barcodes on the packaging and your invoices and packaging slips will start to include GTINs as well as catalog numbers.

Q. My company is not in the United Kingdom. Will I see these changes?

Yes, all medical devices Direct Healthcare Services sells globally will have a GS1 label.

Q. Where can I find a list of Direct Healthcare Services GTINs?

You can download the list on Direct Healthcare Services’s website:

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions about Direct Healthcare Services GS1/UDI initiative?

Please visit
For questions regarding the GTIN download file, please email